Children's Village



Our desire is that the Children's Village become more than an orphanage. Our 20 acre property, a 45 minutes drive from Nairobi, shall not only house 40 children, but also have it's own school, kindergarten and offices that co-ordinate the slum ministry. Further we are planing that the village will be able to provide itself milk, eggs and vegetables. On the picture to the right you can see the property before we started building.


The orphanage shall not be another ordinary institution. The children will live in smaller units and will receive assistance from adult "moms" and "dads". Although Thomas og Beatrice Omolo will not live in the village themselves, they will function as "mom" and "dad" for the children there. We have a vision that it could become a little bit like the Garden of Eden in the Bible.


On the pictures to the right you see some of the first things we have set up on the property. We have a gate and a 2,5 m (8.2 ft) high security wall. The Norwegian architect, Morten Ramm Salbu, together with Omolo have designed a master plan for the property and drawn the first stage of construction - free of charge.


The master plan can be seen below with stage one make yellow.




The Children

The children in the program are followed up by Thomas og Beatrice Omolo. They receive schooling, clothes and food, and medical care when needed. This will go on until they finish their education and can support themselves. This way they are raised up to a life without poverty and equipped not only to care fore themselves, but also their future families.


Some of these children now live in the children's village. Others will however be fine continuing to live in Kibera with their present care takers while being supported and followed up by GOEK.