Children Programme

Children Programme is a sponsorship program for 27 poor children, whom of most of them are orphans. Some of them have moved into GOEK's orphanage outside the city. The rest of them attend boarding school or they still live in the slum, either by family members or others who have taken them into their care.


12 children live in our children's village

2 children attend boarding school.

3 children live together with the Omolo family in their home.

6 children still live in the slum, with a relative or other care takers while their food, clothing, medicins and shool are sponsored.

Common for all of these is that they will be followed up until they have completed education and can take care for themselves in a life without poverty.


The Children's Village

was opened in 2012, and 10 children moved in in May that year. We are planningg to have space for many more children in the orphanage there. We also want to start a school there and do farming to provide for some of our needs. In 2009 we bought this 20 acre property. The first section was completed in 2012, and we are continually improving and expanding. Today we have 12 children living here as well as the staff of 6; 2 "mothers" and 1 "father", 1 gardener and 2 guards).



The Omolo Family

Thomas and Beatrive Omolo have adopted 3 children into their own home. They also have 3 children of their own.




GOEK owns and operates two schools in the slum. These have room for around 500 children in the following classes; baby class, nursery class, preschool and class 1-7. The tuition is 1 USD per month, but only one hundred families are able to afford this. Every day, the children are given a warm meal for lunch. The first school (Saviour Kings Academy) is supported through Garden of Eden Kenya - Support in Norway, while the other school is supported by a church in Seattle, USA. The schools are administered by Thomas og Beatrice Omolo. On staff they have 11 teachers, 1 head teacher and a chef.



Children's Club

GOEK arranges "Sunday school" in the slum every Saturday for 50-100 children.



Medical ministry

Sometimes GOEK provides medical aid to both children and adults in the slum, i.e. specific surgical treatment of diseases such as tumors. It is life changing for the individuals who receive this help. We have also arranged one free "clinic day" bey the slum with Norwegian doctors and nurses.